The purpose of good neighbour schemes is to provide occasional assistance to local people. The range of help that can be offered is dependent on the number of volunteers that have joined the scheme and what type of help they can offer.

ALDEBURGH GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME (AGNES) provides help for Aldeburgh residents in the IP15 postal code.
With a limited number of volunteers its services include:

 Provision of transport to appointments at Aldeburgh Surgery, Aldeburgh Hospital, Aldeburgh and Leiston dentists
and opticians. They do not provide transport to Ipswich or other more distant hospitals.

 Local transport – provision of local transport and referral on to Coastal Accessible Transport (CATS) and local taxi services for
longer journeys.

 Shopping/errands

 Help with form filling

 Information and signposting for clients to organisations for help and advice

They have a mobile phone which is held by an AGNES “Duty Coordinator” who responds to calls received. AGNES operates Monday
to Friday and the Duty Coordinator usually requires 24 hours’ notice to assign a volunteer unless it is an emergency situation. There is a
small charge for local journeys which goes towards the volunteer’s petrol costs.

The AGNES phone number is 0777303 1064.

For further information about health services in and around Aldeburgh, please click on the link below:

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