There are proposed major energy projects being considered in our area.   They are classed as NSIPs (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects) and are ‘examined’ by the Planning Inspectorate which gives a recommendation to the Secretary of State who then makes the decision as to whether they go ahead or not.   The process goes through many different stages of consultation and when the application is ready to be considered it’s called a Development Consent Order (DCO).   

Aldeburgh Town Council encourages you to take part in the DCO process and to let us know your views.   Send to info@aldeburghtowncouncil.co.uk or click on CONTACT US now.

Current projects – scroll down or could they be side by side? (or click here) for the latest information on Scottish Power Renewables East Anglia One North & East Anglia Two or the other major project: Sizewell C.


Scottish Power Renewables East Anglia One North and East Anglia Two

This is for three large substations to be constructed at Friston, along with beach landing facilities north of Thorpeness and wide cable trenches between the coast and the substations.  If approved it could lead to seven other wind farm projects each with its own substation which would have to be within 5km of Friston and involve separate landing facilities on the coast and more cable trenches.   We have raised major concerns that this beautiful rural area is not the right location, and asked that the current strategy be reviewed: a joint letter written together with 32 other Parish and Town Councils, sent to the Secretary of State BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

The Development Consent Order (DCO) is currently at the stage of Early Preliminary Hearings.   Due to Covid-19 restrictions these will be held virtually on 16th (and if needed 17th) September and will discuss the process of the application, not the merits of it.  Open Floor Hearings to hear the representations from individuals and groups on their concerns will be on 6th to 9th October, again virtually.   If you have registered as an interested party but have not chosen to take part as yet, it will be possible later in the process to provide written representations or possibly take part in Later Hearings.

For more information see:

Substation Action Save East Suffolk (SASES)   https://sases.org.uk/ 

The Planning Inspectorate website https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/east-anglia-two-offshore-windfarm/

Sizewell C

This is at the start of the DCO process, and everyone has until 30th September to register as an interested party.   It is vital that you do this if you want to make your views known to the Planning Inspectorate.   At this stage you just have to list your issues in a ‘Relevant Representation’ of no more than 500 words.   The Planning Inspectorate will use the information in all the Relevant Representations to define the issues for the examination.  If you don’t raise a particular issue and nobody else does, they won’t examine it!   In the future you will have the chance to add more information and choose whether you wish to speak, observe or send information in writing.  The process is easy and you can make a difference.

We suggest you do your short statement first in a Word document (so you have a record) and then cut & paste it into the form.   You may wish to email a copy of this to Suffolk County Council, East Suffolk District Council, your local MP and local groups to let them know how you feel, and how you would like them to represent you.   Please also let Aldeburgh Town Council know your views as we are putting together our Relevant Representation between now and 30th September.  Email to info@aldeburghtowncouncil.co.uk or click on CONTACT us.

For a detailed timeline and more information about how to take part see: Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group (TEAGS) https://stopsizewellc.org/what-you-can-do/

To read the full DCO see EDF’s website  https://sizewellcdco.co.uk/    There is also a shop in Leiston High Street (appointment needed to view documents).

The Planning Inspectorate website for Sizewell C is: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/the-sizewell-c-project/?ipcsection=relreps

You may wish to send a copy of your relevant representation to:

• Thérèse Coffey MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk

• Cllr Matthew Hicks, Leader, Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX, ℅ mark.ash@suffolk.gov.uk

• Cllr Steve Gallant, Leader, East Suffolk Council, East Suffolk House, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1RT, steve.gallant@eastsuffolk.gov.uk

• Stop Sizewell C, ℅ Old Store, Eastbridge, IP16 4SJ. info@stopsizewellc.org

For more videos and a description of the Planning Inspectorate’s process see: 



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