Dear Resident

I was truly heartened last evening, whilst standing in my garden, to hear so many of my neighbours giving their support to the NHS by participating in the round of applause at 8.00 pm. I know that some roads shared their support on social media, so thank you to residents of Franklin Road, The Plantation and Leiston Road in particular.

Even more encouraging has been the national response to the campaign for volunteers to support the work of the NHS in the coming weeks and I am aware that several people within our community have undertaken this commitment. Thank you.

The Town Council continues to work closely with AGNES (Aldeburgh’s Good Neighbour Scheme) and I can report that more than fifty volunteers have signed up to help in the past week. We have also been offering support to the Chemist and are currently working with the Church and other leaders of community groups to understand practical ways in which we can help those who are the most vulnerable. In addition to this, I am mindful that some households may be experiencing hardship and together with Aldeburgh United Charities, we will endeavour to support individuals and families in need wherever possible.

Please continue to abide by the Government’s guidelines. By doing so, you will help to protect those around you in Aldeburgh and ensure that our community stands strong.

Look after yourselves……

My Best Wishes

Cllr Sara Fox – Mayor of Aldeburgh

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