Dear Community Champions,

These are extraordinary times and we hope that you are keeping well and that your communities are coming together to support each other. This is a time for neighbourliness, and it is local action that will genuinely reach the most vulnerable in our county.
Here are a couple of requests which we would ask that you try and help us with if you are able.

Thank you, 

Suffolk charities and community groups urgently need your support…
Last week we launched the Suffolk Coronavirus Community Fund, which has raised a vital £16,000 since Thursday.   Also, in partnership with the National Emergencies Trust, community foundations across the country will be distributing nationally raised funds at a local level.
Money raised from both appeals will support charity groups and community organisations throughout Suffolk, to reach the most vulnerable during this pandemic.
These are exceptional times and call for an exceptional community response.  Charities and volunteer groups in our county need your support during this difficult and uncertain time. They need volunteers most certainly, but also money to support them as the change the way they work and respond to even greater need. Please help us spread the word about this emergency fund and encourage everyone to give what they can.
There are a few ways you can donate…

✨ Online via the SCF website 
✨ Call the Suffolk Community Foundation office on 01473 786911.
Please share the link to our donation page below.
Thank you.

Our charities and local communities are working hard across Suffolk to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you help us map what they are doing locally so that we can make sure everyone is getting the support they need? 
Community Action Suffolk, in conjunction with Suffolk Community Foundation and Suffolk Association of Local Councils, has launched an online form to help capture the information about the many and varied ideas which have been put in place in our towns and villages.  This information will then be available publicly so that people needing help in your community can be sign posted to appropriate groups.  (We do not need to know if you are an individual keeping an eye out for your immediate neighbours.)  Please could you register any groups that you are aware of via the link below. 

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