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Aldeburgh Pre-School Playgroup




At their Committee meeting on Monday night 27/03/17, the Grants and Requests Committee passed the following resolution:


A RESOLUTION that Aldeburgh Town Council agrees in principle to pay the costs of transporting pre-school playgroup children from Aldeburgh to another provider in a neighbouring village for the Summer term 2017, these costs being met directly buy the Town Council, was PROPOSED by Cllr Harris and SECONDED by Cllr Walker.

In Favour        8

Against           0

Abstentions    1


An invitation from Town Councillors:

Councillors have arranged to go to the Playgroup to meet the parents and the committee on Thursday 30/03/17 at 3.30pm. This is the last session and the last day of the Spring term. We hope as many parents as possible can meet us there so we can explain what the Town Council’s resolution can achieve for the children. We will be able to update everyone with whatever further information we have.

Please join us!


Aldeburgh Town Meeting