Aldeburgh Lifeboat


A lifeboat was placed at Sizewell by the Suffolk Association in 1826.  The boat was manned from Aldeburgh, and it was moved there in 1851 when the RNLI took control of the Suffolk Association boats. During the 1939-1945 war the Aldeburgh lifeboats were launched on service 58 times and rescued 107 lives.

Many generations of the Cable family have served in the lifeboats.  In 1954 Patrick Cable, aged 16, went out on service.  James Cable was a famous coxswain of the 19th century.  He was coxswain for 30 years, 1888 to 1917 and was awarded the Silver Medal three times. Today 8th generation James Cable is the full time Mechanic at Aldeburgh.

The current all weather lifeboat at Aldeburgh is the Mersey class 12-34 “Freddie Cooper” and from May 2017, the inshore lifeboat is the D class 808 “Susan Scott”